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Arnab Sengupta’s Till Death Do Us Part
Arnab Sengupta’s Till Death Do Us Part
Arnab Sengupta - Till Death Do Us Part

Sydney-Based Singer-Songwriter Arnab Sengupta’s Till Death Do Us Part Is a Song With an Eerie Sonic Beauty

There are times when words and music shake hands, and what the listeners get as a reward is nothing less than a beautiful space of sonic beauty that soothes the soul from start to finish. The latest single by Arnab Sengupta, Till Death Do Us Part, is a similar kind of track that instantly makes you feel connected to it. Currently hailing from Sydney, Australia, Arnab Sengupta is a prolific singer-songwriter who also has a good reputation as a jazz piano player. Moreover, Arnab is also an alumnus of the esteemed institution of Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts, and a well-known vocal coach as well as a session artist.

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Till Death Do Us Part, Arnab Sengupta‘s latest single, is a song that portrays the artist’s grasp on contemporary music that has taken shape over a period of thirty years of utmost diligence and dedication towards its study. The song has an eerie but beautiful composition that haunts the listeners with the music but simultaneously feels beautiful, soothing, and calm. On top of this heart-touching music, the vocals are another aspect of the song that makes you go wow in an instant. The overall setting of the song puts you in a place where you cannot help but lose yourself to the sonic beauty of this track and it is indeed tough to come out of it.

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So check out the beautiful single by Arnab Sengupta, Till Death Do Us Part and listen to this track here:

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