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Cheap Ecstasy Tarn PK
Cheap Ecstasy Tarn PK

Tarn PK – Cheap Ecstasy | wellspring

Cheap Ecstasy tops off Monarch as the fourth and final contribution to the EP, and makes for a minimalistic and hopeful denouement to the collection. NZ singer-songwriter Tarn PK steps out of his usual acoustic fusion style and instead creates a soulful alt-pop melody that finds strength in its simplicity, creating an air of comfort for the listener to sink into. Monarch as a whole was about finding inner peace in troubling times, and Cheap Ecstasy abandons the complex artifice in favour of genuine human connection following a global lockdown.

Tarn sings with soft gentle vocalisations, accompanied by similarly modest instruments in order to create a sense of repose in the track. It makes use of only delicate and demure synths, which go a long way in creating what he describes as his first ever love song. All in all, I love the way the song embodies exactly what its trying to say, in returning to the fundamentals and taking things slowly and delicately there is a great amount of introspection to be had, but it also allows you to stop and smell the roses rather than get caught up in the evermore intensifying currents of chaos.

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