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eva westphal she's mine
eva westphal she's mine

Eva Westphal – She’s Mine | Serenade

Eva Westphal is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter with quite a body of music for her age, having been interested in being a musician since age 13. She typically dabbles with themes of mental health, body positivity, and LGBTQ+ issues, overall working towards fostering a movement of self-acceptance and love. Though she is classically trained, her genre is definitively an acoustic dream-pop blend with its cinematic synths only embellishing the campfire-style strumming and soulful vocals that she has going in her newest single, She’s Mine.

She’s Mine is a wholesome and adorable track, with Eva’s serenade describing the things about her girlfriend that she appreciates most, the quirks that make her funny and weird and kind. As I’m in my early twenties also, I think I appreciate the authenticity that is poured into the track whereas more orthodox love songs feel full of artifice. It feels so pure to have someone pick up a guitar and write you a song, all by themselves with minimal interjection from anything else – just that wholesome vibe that the track embodies takes precedence over its minimalism – making it seem so much fuller as a result. Eva also has a lovely singing voice, and you’re glad to share in her joy by the end, when she declares that in spite of all that this girl is, she’s mine. Cute and quintessentially indie, do check it out!

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