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Biddy Ronelle – D.R.I.N.K | Anthemic

Country rock is brewing in the UK’s Midlands, and Biddy Ronelle seems to have all the ingredients. Following through her 2020 EP Aftershocks which sat atop iTunes’ #1 throne, Ronelle makes her musical return with a thoroughly anthemic country-rock number — D.R.I.N.K. There could perhaps be no better time to have this song making rounds in people’s speakers than when the pubs are finally opening up. Opening up with the faint murmur of people, the song immediately harnesses the country-rock/alt-rock momentum with its distorted guitar riffs, that draws marvellous inspiration from a combination of 90s Britpop and 70s Rock N’ Roll — tied together through a patient but ominous bass drum loop. The verse leading up to the bridge, sounding like the best of Little Big Town and Maren Morris, consists of ridiculously catchy lyricism — ones that would not be too hard to find being blasted out of rolled-down car windows making its way to the nearest clubs. Breaking off into an enthusiastic crescendo, the bridge cracks open to a chorus with Ronelle sounding like a reinstated Joan Jett. D.R.I.N.K is for all intents and purposes, a party anthem that has the magnetic ability to draw people into itself. Anyone not obsessively streaming D.R.I.N.K on their devices at this juncture is missing out on Biddy Ronelle, and certainly some of the upbeat country rock action. 

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