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Israel Nke - Sweet Dreams
Israel Nke - Sweet Dreams

Israel Nke – Sweet Dreams | Journal

Bittersweet, emotional and desolate is how one would describe the music of Nigerian hip-hop artist and music producer Israel Nke.

Replete with the tearjerking lyricism of his tracks and the melodic downtempo of the soundscapes, Nke still documents the story of his journeys through life in his discography. Returning from some of his earlier work like Bingo Freestyle, Dream State and New Ideas, the artist adds another chapter to his discography with the release of his latest track Sweet Dreams. Characteristically delving into the elements of soul and new-age rhythm and blues, Nke explicates clean, heart-wrenching lyricism on loneliness, loss and isolation with his fresh track — creating a truly immersive and empathetic soundscape through the process.

The artist manages to be inspired by the musical formulas of stalwarts in the genre such as Frank Ocean, Aminé and Kota the Friend, borrowing their lessons to create a musical soundscape that sounds like the quintessential ‘Nke’. Despite his humble beginnings, Israel Nke posits all of the characteristics necessary for being an iconic voice in the genres of rhythm and blues and soul, amassing a wide following of listeners dedicated to the sound of his music. 

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