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Mrrrdaisy - The One ft. Jessy Gh
Mrrrdaisy - The One ft. Jessy Gh

Mrrrdaisy – The One ft. Jessy Gh

Ghanian-Spanish journalist turned hip-hop aficionado MrrrDaisy opens up his discographic record with the release of his debut track The One.

A collaborative effort with Jessy Gh, Mrrrdaisy sets fire to a promising musical venture with the release of his track. Characteristically borrowing from genres such as indie pop, club pop and dance pop with inclinations towards a Rhythm and Blues mixture with Soul, The One is a track made for merrymaking right from the get go. The track presents to us an outdoorsy tropical soundscape, replete with the occasional lyrical ventures into the Ghanian dialects, and a summer party groove that immediately gets people footloosing.

Despite the track being his first single, Mrrdaisy appears entirely aware and self-assured of his laid-back camaraderie-style vocal performances, making the song reach a near-anthemic status the second it is played to a crowd. Brilliantly produced, perhaps the most enjoyable characteristic of the track is that the artists know the exact tricks that make an audience bounce and manage to be inspired by some of the most adhesive and enjoyable elements of catchy hip-hop/club pop tracks.

Mrrrdaisy is certainly one of the burgeoning favourites in the genre he has chosen for himself, and one would be missing out on a lot of life their parties can have if they end up sleeping on this man’s discography.

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