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Lil Beetle - Let Me Go
Lil Beetle - Let Me Go

Lil Beetle – Let Me Go | Rising

If anybody was pulling down the shutters on the Australian indie hip-hop scene, Lil Beetle puts the spike in motion and refurnishes the frenzy around the genre all by himself.

Returning from his previously well-acclaimed single from the previous year Rack Up, Lil Beetle adds another one to his discography with the release of his fresh single Let Me Go. Characteristically, Let Me Go is a perfect combination of a track suited for merrymaking as well for more mellow atmospheres, especially with its inclinations towards the soulful, rhythm and blues arrangements other than his customary formulas of trap hip-hop.

Lil Beetle manages to capture the essence of all the contemporary styles in the music he chooses to dive into, participating in each genre with the genre’s most popularly celebrated elements. In the track, we can see a bit of Drake or JUICE WRLD, along with the lyrical similarities to Lil Uzi Vert or Aminé. The overdriven bass loops and trap-style percussive elements offer the track a sense of groovy motion, easy to catch on to, contagious and also inviting. With two singles under his discography now, the music of Lil Beetle is en route building a dedicated army of listeners. 

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