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L E M F R E C K - Closer ft. Kiddus
L E M F R E C K - Closer ft. Kiddus

LEMFRECK – Closer ft. Kiddus | Coterie

LEMFRECK is United Kingdom’s burgeoning grime rap and hip-hop artist. From the very outset of his career, he was very eager to delve into the domain of the rapping industry and take matters regarding under-representation into his own hands.

Following the release of two popular singles Kings and Falling, the artist makes a jarring impact with his latest 2021 single Closer. LEMFRECK manages to skillfully dramatize his thoughts with coherency and dynamism than ever before. The thematic poles leave LEMFRECK vulnerable with the backing instruments that follow suit. The track has an undulated bassline, menacing choral baritones, with a soft rhythmic beat of the drums. The lyrics of the track along with the rap is lucidly strung together with a consistent pace.

Each intonation in the track blends perfectly with the next with the lyrics being as thoughtful as ever. The artist creates a mirage of intimacy and vulnerability throughout the course of the track, keep LEMFRECK exploring some of the bluesy sensibilities. The final result is a collection of insightful thoughts culminating into a rap track that demands a keen ear and one that will provide something to the listener to ponder over. Be sure to check out LEMFRECK latest single as he takes you along a touching journey.

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