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Ghosts Of Our Former Selves - Now We're Talking
Ghosts Of Our Former Selves - Now We're Talking

Ghosts Of Our Former Selves – Now We’re Talking | Perspective

London-based supergroup Ghosts Of Our Former Selves update their discography with the release of one of their latest tracks — Now We’re Talking. The five-member group weaves together a near five-minute track observing the emotional and interpersonal developments in couples therapy, particularly involving the conventionally unspoken side of the male experience. The track exhibits a characteristically 80s sound — a mixture of rock, neo-soul and vintage synth waves, offering it the nostalgic soundscape akin to classic acts such as The Police, Bono and U2. The track leads off with short strums on the electric guitar which provides a sense of ascendance to the arrangement, and soon gets carried forward with the impassioned silky vocals of Theo Brehony. Going forward, the arrangement features an incredibly imaginative bassline that plucks itself across the track, assisted with very 80s sounding four-by-four percussion. In its instrumentation, the track leaves no stones unturned, eventually featuring Rodin pianos, soundscapic synth waves and electronic pinpricks. The lyricism in the track is thematic, highlighting the hurt in separation, days leading up to it and the emotional turbulences that follow; beautifully described by the immersive arrangement of the background harmonic melodies. 

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