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SadHappyRabbit - TANJIRO

SadHappyRabbit – TANJIRO | Emocore

The emergence of emo rap across the previous decade has been particularly interesting to observe, defeated only by the multi-varied inspirations that the genre’s artists take onto themselves to create an attractive fusion of fundamentals of both emocore and hip-hop. Portland-based American hip-hop artist SadHappyRabbit does very well to add to this discussion, particularly with the release of one of his latest tracks TANJIRO. The near two-minute track is an ominous cypher recited across a hypnotising percussive loop assisted by an electric guitar riff. The number appears sinister and wintry, offering it the occult clique that emo rap brings — SadHappyRabbit’s vocal intensity is explicated through the psychic and near cabbalistic undertone. Despite the track’s comparatively simple arrangement, it makes the listener really understand the coterie of the underground emocore movement and its wintry soundscape. Understandably, the music of SadHappyRabbit is relatively down-tempo and melancholic, reflecting on themes such as heartbreak, social isolation, cult collectives and depressive episodes. With further releases like his single Black Cat and his 2021 full-length album CALYPSO, SadHappyRabbit is making his way through the emo rap undergrounds, building an empire of listeners while he is at it. 

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