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Dave Mohan - Broken Angel (Re-Vox Version)
Dave Mohan - Broken Angel (Re-Vox Version)

Dave Mohan – Broken Angel (Re-Vox Version) | Mythic

Starting in 2016, the endless discography of Dave Mohan is defined not only by its magnificent musical virtuosity but also the flurry of singles dropped each year — making it a discography to truly look forward to.

Dave Mohan returns from his short hiatus following his earlier 2021 tracks And When the Darkness Comes and Inishmore (Gaelic Version) with his freshest track Broken Angel (Re-Vox Version). Understandably, the new track is a reworking of Mohan’s previously released 2020 single Broken Angel, offering some modifications in the arrangements and productions from its parent track.

The music of Dave Mohan always appears with a sense of cinematic mythologic element through sound, as if it were music made for both visual and auditory consumption, and quickly takes the listeners under the artist’s wing with the long-winded melodies, piano, acoustic strums and synth waves. On a more characteristic level, the multiple harmonies make the track sound a kind of Baroque-ish pop or folk-pop with balladic intonations. Notwithstanding the beautiful instrumentations, the self-assured and empowering female vocal performances on the track make the song achieve full circle, giving it the edge to be remembered and played on repeat.

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