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Sharl - That Girl | Simply Mellifluous 
Sharl - That Girl | Simply Mellifluous 

Sharl – That Girl | Simply Mellifluous 

Sharl is an Australian based pop singer and songwriter. Her music styles incline towards acoustic, pop, and k-pop and feel to be enriched with amazing symphonies. She has an avid interest in creating music that lifts your spirits and is simple, yet utterly pleasing to the soul. That definitely makes for a great delight. 

Previously tied to a UK record label, she recently set herself free and became an independent artist. That has proven to be only better for her. 

She recently released the track That Girl which is a simple and mellifluous number. With a slow-paced flow, That Girl dissolves its magic into the air slowly. Its laid back feels fill you up and make you soft. Moreover, the tunes are so nice and melodious that they elevate your spirits. For people who are fond of laid back, sweet and subtle tunes, That Girl is a song you should listen to.

With enticing tunes and a soft flowing pace, you love the simplicity of the track. Moreover, the song has rich pop and k-pop elements. Those who are fond of these genres will find That Girl to be quite a treat. 

The lyrics explore hesitation, attraction, fear, and second thoughts in the best of ways. With slight melancholy in the lyrics, this song hits you in just the right way. Moreover, Sharl does a great job at vocals, keeping them simple yet effective.

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