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Tired All The Time-Then and There
Tired All The Time-Then and There
Tired All The Time-Then and There

Tired All The Time-Then and There | New-punk beginnings

Tired All The Time are a post-punk indie band from Washington DC. A place which is the origin of great bands, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Fugazi and just about anyone who shook the nation. They release their new single called Then and There. Let’s hear some of that DC greatness.

Using an unusual emulsion of autotune to a post-punk track, Tired All The Time do get a solidly creative sound output. Then and There features a slow build by this band, using the new wave style to climb to the chorus. The vocals demand attention, blending into this genre an aspect that isn’t usually heard, but gives a sci-fi control over the song. The distortion guitar only kicks in by the time the chorus comes on, and changes the dynamic of the song for the better.

The lyrics are the attractive aspect, creating a powerful paradox within their tracks. Their 2017 album Please Stop has 7 superb tracks with high quality sound and catchy riffs along with limited experimentation. Their 2021 single Sun started seeing much more of sound spectrum changes, so we’re excited to hear what they have in store for us.

For now, enjoy their single here:

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