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Allie Alvarado - Strong | Electro Hymn 
Allie Alvarado - Strong | Electro Hymn 

Allie Alvarado – Strong | Electro Hymn 

Allie Alvarado is an avid electro-pop singer and composer from America. Best known for her out of the box electronic numbers, Allie has always been true to her style.

She recently released her single called Strong in which she explores the downtempo soundscapes even further. With a laid back and an almost eerie vibe, Strong feels just what its name suggests. The classic electronic undertones with Alvarado’s extraordinary contributions go really well. What’s good about this track is that it is anything but your typical electronic number. As there are elements that feel new, crisp, and delightful, Strong feels like a treat. Those who love the electronic genre would surely find a lot of treasures in this track. 

One of the most intriguing things about Strong is its chorus. With daunting pauses, loops, and curves, the chorus becomes quite intriguing. And before you realise it, it becomes the part you most look forward to. Decent work has been done on the vocals. The interesting nuances that Allie Alvarado adds here and there, give the song a tinge more thrill. Moreover, what many people would love is the song’s slightly rebellious yet uplifting lyrics. There are parts that feel are improvised but are done so well that they appear as an interesting escapade, a retreat from the intense music. 

For anyone who likes to explore good tunes, this one’s surely a must-listen. Strong is one of those tracks that you might feel like adding to your playlist after the very first listen itself. ‘Cause such is its aura. 

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