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Bruno Muerte – Computers On Parade | All Pumped-Up

Bruno Muerte is a Techno Western Electroclash band from Oxford. Fusilli DNA. Bruno Muerte is an experimental electronic duo that was founded in 2018 by Stefano Maio and Nigel Firth. The band’s primary instrumentation is drum machines, synths, and guitars. “As your swamp boat hydroplanes past the rusting hulks of deuterium mining rigs, fending off cyborg alligators, Bruno Muerte provide the atramental electroclash soundtrack, stirred up with cigar box guitar and FM stabs”  states AWBW Records. The band has a sound that’s as raw and raucous as it is refined and polished.

The new single by the duo Computers on Parade is absolutely insane! In a good sense, of course! The instrumentation work is unbelievable and got me captivated from the second the song began playing. I could never predict where the synths are taking me, and I am here for it! It was refreshing to embrace such an uncertain sonic experience! The amazing guitar work cannot be ignored and honestly stole the show for me! The song makes you feel like you are in an old mystery thriller movie. The bassline is so good! The best part is the song picks up momentum and drops randomly! The uncertainty keeps you on your toes the entire time! The song is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re looking to get pumped up or just relax and enjoy some good music. The duo’s exceptional musicianship and soundscape are evidence of their expertise and professionalism. Their music is just stunning, and every note they play shows how passionate they are about what they do. Make sure to add this pumped-up song to your workout playlist! It will for sure get you moving and help you push through your workout.

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