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Maddox Jones – Ready to Be Better | Blast of Energy

Singer-songwriter Maddox Jones, has just released a new tune called ‘Ready to Be Better’, which is brimming with energy. The music puts us in a really pleasant mood and uplifts us. The song’s amazing mood will certainly capture everyone’s attention. The song’s writing truly lifts us up and gives us a good feeling when we listen to it. We can’t stop grooving to the tune thanks to the upbeat rhythms. The vocal delivery had the appropriate amount of vigour to make a lasting impression over our ears. The song also has a storyline that is a lot of fun to follow while still appreciating the overall atmosphere of the song.

I thought the chorus was particularly appealing. Even after listening to it, I found myself humming. The entire framework has characteristics that make the atmosphere fascinating and compelling throughout. I really liked the guitar pats, which really stood out, and the few but important appealing vocal chops really add to the song’s sonic appeal. The music as a whole sounded incredibly synchronised, and every piece fit together and sounded like one. The vocals have a lot of clarity to them, and they’re nicely surrounding by the instruments, which blend together flawlessly.

Overall, I am confident that listeners will get the most enjoyment out of the music. The song’s tone is extremely enticing. The writing is also remained relevant, so it sticks in our minds. The lyrics and melody are beautifully complementing to one another. I truly hope that the music reaches as many people as possible. It would be incredible to see the song performed live.

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