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Gxbriel - I Can’t Help My Sagittarius Ways | Sassy Hip Hop
Gxbriel - I Can’t Help My Sagittarius Ways | Sassy Hip Hop

Gxbriel – I Can’t Help My Sagittarius Ways | Sassy Hip Hop 

Gxbriel is an ardent rapper and songwriter who has always created music that’s not just authentic but also inspires you to be your true self. With her debut album called I Can’t Help My Sagittarius Ways, she has raised the bars so high and all for good reason. 

I Can’t Help My Sagittarius Ways is an album of many colours. The variety of emotions that he puts forth stir you to the core. But out of all the emotions, rebellion and self-love are the most palpable ones. Through invigorating narrations, you feel the energy like that in a spoken-word session. With music that every hip hop lover would love and a vibe that everyone would fall for, Gxbriel’s debut album has so much to offer. One can easily say, that I Can’t Help My Sagittarius Ways is an album that does exactly what good music should do to you; inspire and elevate your spirits.

The rich hip hop elements give this album a distinct groovy feel. There are songs that infuse some major self-love vibes. On the other hand, there are also some songs that are heavily rebellious, and rightfully so, with the kind of passion that would astound many. There are also songs of attraction that feel mushy and exciting. But one thing is common in every song; enthusiasm. Whether a song is a depiction of something ugly or beautiful, devastating or pleasing, one thing is rampant; energy. Gxbriel has sung each song in lively spirits. He puts forth a unique charm that feels contagious. Not just because of this joviality that I am mentioning, but also because of how well crafted each track is.  

Each track has something to bring to the table. Is This What You Wanted is a gorgeous number, and perhaps, one of my favourites? It represents valour. It represents strength. And how one can make use of various means of art to express oneself. Not to mention how stunningly the tracks have been sung, or rather, narrated. Ouu, I Think I Like Him is another stunning number that is a romantic one. A perfect track to play on loop if you want some fun and mush. 

Moreover, every song is a unique flavour in itself. There are many other elements in this album too, that you would explore on listening attentively. Like, there are specific musical undertones in each track that makes it different from every other track. Slight tunes, nuances, and additions, make the tracks even more memorable and fun. 

Overall, I Can’t Help My Sagittarius Ways, is an album that every youngster should listen to because of how well it radiates the self-love vibe. 

Let’s know what Gxbriel has to say about the album himself! 

1. What inspired you to create “I Can’t Help My Sagittarius Ways”?

I previously released an EP back in 2020 with the same title and I wanted to revisit that idea because of how special it was for me. I was debating for a long time if I should release an EP, album, or mixtape for my debut project and after a long couple of months, I decided on an album showcasing who I am and my journey to where I am now was important to me. 

2. The album feels like a great rendition of all the things you feel
strongly about and also reflects your ingenuity as an artist. What was
your process of creating this album?

Awee, thank you! That was the goal and I am glad you said that. I was working with different producers and looking through catalogues of beats to see which ones stood out to me the most. Thankfully after six months, I was able to complete this compilation. The main question that popped in my head while writing this album is, “Who is Gxbriel? And how can I convey different aspects of my life/thought process into one album?” It was a fun process and I would love to go back in time and do it all over again.

3. Is there anything that you want every listener to take from this album?

I hope the listener is able to start with the first track and end with “Pretty Ricky, Vol. 2” and think to themselves, “Wow, they did that!” I put a lot of effort into the tracklisting and what story gets told at what part too! So I hope they are able to appreciate the storytelling and authenticity that is Gxbriel. 

4. As a musician, who do you look up to from the music industry? Who
are your biggest role models?

 One person I admire and look up to the most is the late Selena Quintanilla. Her story always amazes me, she was able to push through the mould and still get what she wanted after facing much adversity. Another person I look up to in the music industry is Saucy Santana! He is killing the rap game and is definitely paving the way for us gay rappers! 

5. What’s next for Gxbriel?

I am currently working on my next project, which I am really excited for because it’ll be talking more about the inner workings of relationships and heartbreak! 

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