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Foe – Diamonds (Feat.-Alina Valentina)| Musical Gem-Stone

Foe is an artist who produces Dramatic Synth-Pop, Electronic-Pop, influenced by the ’80s music. The ’80s are considered as the golden era of music and giving that touch to something that we Gen-Z love and adore, synth music is amazing. Foe combines the better parts of the 2 worlds to create his own universe reeling in every listener by surprise.

“This is not your basic Synth-Pop, we are dealing with a prodigy over here.”

The song ‘Diamonds’ is Foe’s latest release is song featuring Alina Valentina. The vocals of this song are by Alina Valentina, an artist known for her Synth-Pop tracks. The way this track intertwines the music and the vocals is hypnotic. The song has many new-wave elements perfectly blended into the 80s melodies fused into synth-wave. The hi-hat pattern is so addictive that it has been playing in my head on loop since I’ve listened to the song. ‘Diamonds’ is oddly therapeutic. The harmonic symphonies take the music to whole another level. The chorus is catchy and latches on to your head as soon as you listen to it. The song is utterly bewitching. Listening to the song was all-in-all a great experience.

The song is a must listen for every-one who’s born in the golden era of music and for everyone who appreciates the synth-music.

Listen to ‘Diamonds’

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