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Frank Rabeyrolles – Even Space

Frank Rabeyrolles is an artist who is known for his spellbinding music that caresses the heart and makes the listeners feel weightless. He has a vivid discography of 7 albums, 4 EPs, and 3 singles which feature some of the greatest tracks of all time. I personally feel that this is the kind of music that will sustain for decades and will be passed on for ages. The way he spins music will surely have you swaying from the beginning to end! He projects some ecstatic vocals through his tracks that run deep in emotions.

I recently came across this amazing artist through his latest album which is named Boat Songs which is his seventh album and this artist has surely painted a master piece with his ecstatic lyricism and deep musicality. This is surely an album that deserves allot of love and recognition. There was this particular track in the album that caught my special attention. The track is named Even Space which is probably the best track on the album and my personal favorite. The track sounds ambient with some amazing musical elements woven with intricacy into a mesh. The vocals are soulful and are packed with deep emotions. The lyrics are beautifully written. The way the artist sets the vibe is surely remarkable. The chorus is addictive and hooks on to your head instantaneously. Do give this track a go and trust me you will fall in love with this amazing artist.

You can listen to Even Space by Frank Rabeyrolles here –


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