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Lukx – J'aime trop
Lukx – J'aime trop

Lukx – J’aime trop | Smooth Bliss

Lukx, the Swedish and Belgian, son and father electronic hip-hop duo, have been on a crazy spree this year. They continue their golden streak this year with their latest single J’aime trop (feat. Dad, Medok, Polen & Jerem). The song is less than three minutes long but manages to set sensations on fire. The title of the song means I love too much in French.

From the single cover artwork, one can sense the sensuous theme at play. The song begins with some beautiful ethereal synths and a horn lick transitioning into the verses. Sensuous vocals greet us with some astute harmonic chord work.

This seductive song works in an alluring and enticing manner of expression. The vocals and arrangement offer a slow, sensual rhythm and with vocals and the lyrics expressing deep sensual desire. A smooth and flowing melody with some intricate harmonic backdrop. The right sprinkling of guitar stabs and horns gives this a smooth jazz, hip-hop, and R&B feel by Lukx.

Gentle sonic arrangement being combined with the singer’s soft and alluring voice adds to the sensual atmosphere of the song, making it the perfect background music for a romantic moment. These lyrics paint a vivid and enticing picture of coming together in passion, making it impossible for anyone to resist the song’s seductive pull. Producer father Nils “Frizzle” Malmport and rapper lyricist son Lucas Malmport really hit the ball out of the park on this one. Overall J’aime trop by Lukx creates a mood of eclectic passion and desire.


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