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MINA - The One That Got Away | Exquisite R&B
MINA - The One That Got Away | Exquisite R&B

MINA – The One That Got Away | Exquisite R&B

MINA is a London-based singer and songwriter who is loved for the authenticity that she brings to the table with her amazing songs. Originally from Switzerland, MINA has redirected her musical path during the lockdown and decided to write original music. Since then she hasn’t looked back. 

Her recent release is a song called The One That Got Away. A purely exquisite number that will elevate your senses right away. You will find yourself entering a realm of bliss and tranquility on hearing this one-of-a-kind number. The soundscapes are luscious, sultry, stunning, and calming, with a bit of poignance. The great thing about the song is its ability to intimidate you with its magnificent musicality. The sounds are so extraordinary that at first you won’t believe that you are listening to contemporary music. The song is infused with a very vintage vibe and also is sung in a classic R&B style. But the great thing is the originality and the execution. Through great music, one can experience bliss and that’s exactly what happens when you listen to The One That Got Away. With classic sultry sounds, extraordinary vocals of MINA, and a luscious quality in the tunes, everything becomes a beautiful affair, that will leave you wanting for more. 

The stunning sounds come alive with great production. If you are looking for a song that will give you a unique cherishable experience, this song is it for you!

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