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BackTalk-Remedy | Metalcore Galore

To engage in conversation is a daedal task today. Certain things are off the table, some make people uncomfortable. To shatter the plate glass that creates divide between topics, BackTalk is doing the grunt work. They create a conversation between the listener, and though songs are one sided, they give opportunity. Opportunity to think, discuss and parallelly enjoy music. This is BackTalk with their latest track, Remedy.

With their 2018 EP Half Empty, they put themselves on the map.2021’s Unsought had them unleash the biggest sound and technical work they had dove headfirst into. Remedy is their first single for this year. Luckily, it is also the first metalcore track I’m reviewing this year, and I sure am glad it was this. With the classics of metal, they djent, sweep and echo their way to your heart, with honest to tone music.

From moments of SikTh to Killswitch Engage, BackTalk has a sound that respects its successors. It brings about the heaviest, most melodic moments of their tracks and spreads it across the time stamp, with the hybrid vocals overlapping perfectly. The instrumentals have been polished to the second before recording, and the quality of sound allows them to create the most gargantuan sound they have released. I really loved the album art as well, kudos to the artist.

The softer moments set up a larger explosion, creating no cushion for the experience. Raw, true and absolutely necessary from a talented group like this. The group hailing from Dallas, Texas know that they are at their best, and leave no stone unturned in proving it to their listeners.

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