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Middle Child - Mother’s Son | Slow Paced, Heartfelt
Middle Child - Mother’s Son | Slow Paced, Heartfelt

Middle Child – Mother’s Son | Slow Paced, Heartfelt

Middle Child is a musical venture of Dan L., an artist, producer, and DJ. His work, since 2014, has been all about creating fresh, vigorous music that feels like an ode to the ears. And this time, it’s no exception. In collaboration with other very talented artists like Soloftt and YHWHHH, Middle Child has brought forth yet another refreshing number; Mother’s Son. 

Mother’s Son is a product of the intense concoction of all the flairs that the three talented artists have to offer. To describe it firstly in short words, it is; slow-paced, heartfelt, rejuvenating. 

The sheer effort of all the artists pays off wonderfully and is even palpable through the track. What feels and sounds effortless, is anything but an easy nut to crack. The way all the layers and elements fuse together to bring about flavours of joy and refreshment, you fall for the track in no time. A lot of things would leave you awestruck, especially if you are into laid back and acoustic numbers, that do the job of elevating the spirits really well. This track is exactly it.

The guitar strings do a perfect job of uplifting you and livening you up after a long tiresome day. What this song gives you, is an instant kick like that of a strong coffee. As some musical aspects of this track are not only authentic but quite refreshing, your weariness dissolves into thin air. 

Listen to this refreshing number by Middle Child, Soloftt, and YHWHHH, right here: 

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