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Elizabeth Luka - Why Won’t You | R&B Soul 
Elizabeth Luka - Why Won’t You | R&B Soul 

Elizabeth Luka – Why Won’t You | R&B Soul 

Elizabeth Luka, a 17-year-old ardent singer from Latvia, has released her debut single; Why Won’t You. Along with Patrick Tabaks, Luka has brought forth a song that stirs just the right kind of feels on Monday night, when you are in dire need of some upliftment. 

Why Won’t You is a song that is a mix of pop and R&B genres. With gorgeous musicality, rich artistic elements, and the awesome collaborative spirit of the two artists, together shine bright in the track. Nothing about the track feels over the top, even though there are many brave elements. With perfect execution, however, things fall into the place just fine. You would notice how even the seemingly small aspects, such as subtle transitions and additions here and there, make a huge difference. Moreover, this song is worth being called an artistic one, because none of the things that contribute to its beauty is common or typical. The song, in fact, is intensely creative and if you have an ear for music, you would definitely notice that. 

Elizabeth Luka’s first track doesn’t feel like a first. Perhaps her years of training and hard work fructify perfectly in the form of this track. When you delve into the track slowly, you would be awestruck as there are so many things that will come to the surface. If you are a lover of intense, uplifting, and slow-paced tracks, you should definitely give Why Won’t You a listen. 

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