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Emily Sophia – Alive | Freshness

Emily Sophia, a Southern California singer-songwriter, has released her new incredibly smooth cosy song ‘Alive,’ which actually emanates such pleasurable moments throughout. The atmosphere created by the music is extremely pleasant, and it improves as it proceeds. The entire arc of the song is masterfully structured, which adds a lot of emotional weight to the work. Furthermore, the writing would strike a chord with many of us. The scenarios are brilliantly created from real-life circumstances, making them incredibly relatable. The words are extremely neatly connected to one another, resulting in a soft and fluid flow. The storytelling component is particularly very well preserved in the vocal rendition, which truly enhances the beauty of the writing and softly communicates the intrinsic emotion.

The arrangement also follows the songwriting’s speed and flow, which expands and changes as the song proceeds. The song begins softly, with muted strumming on the guitar, and as it progresses to the chorus, the atmosphere becomes complete and comprehensive. I really liked the tones of the bass and percussion, which kept the space of the song so vivid, and this one feature would assist a lot with connecting with the music. Subtle Piano melodic phrases support the melody and offer an enticing flair to the sound. The atmosphere is upbeat and pleasant, and it will warm your heart. Such wonderful attributes would undoubtedly entice listeners to participate and interact with the energising spirits of the song.

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