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“I See You” by Mark Winters: Delish rock, with a side of happiness

It is often easy for one to confuse rock music with aggression– screaming guitars, searing solos, and thundering drums. Mark Winters begs to differ– the way he characterises his sound, he says, is rock, with a happy tone; and I’m inclined to agree with him here, on his latest release, “I See You”. Keep reading for my thoughts!

From the outset, the positive outlooks and themes that Mark references immediately shine through, with the upbeat and express guitars making for a solid base of tone and emotion, on which the rest of the song is built. The lyricism, as well, coupled with the bright acoustic guitars and the groovy basslines, make quick work of making you feel energised, fresh, and overall, just awesome.

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The song contains elements all over the track that constantly serve as points of interest, like the soft interlude in the middle of the song that acts like a great power balance, a palate cleanser of sorts before the energy starts mounting again, into the jovial, upbeat tone it so well executes. The percussion with the tapped rhythms on the kick drum with the snares and the loud crashes on a firm backburner yield this song a certain gentleness that brought pleasure and comfort to my ears to listen to.

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The production remains delightfully cheery, with the firm spotlight on the vocals from the start to end of the song, giving it strong country influences, at least to my ears. The engineering is also splendidly done, with great control and cohesiveness in the mix, yielding a song that does just as well in critical listening as it does when you’re kicking back in the car on your drive through twisties.

Overall, “I See You”, by Mark Winters, is a pleasant, happy-spirited song that is sure to warm your heart and give you a boost of dopamine through the day, every time your tracks change to this song. Check it out here!

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