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Graham Coe – Since You Came Along

The subject of love, odes to lovers, and all allied things, if I may, are what have majorly driven people’s love for music for a long time. Be it ballads of dramatic lovers moving mountains, or quiet lines about how a dandelion reminds one of their beloved, this department is filled with variety. “Since You Came Along” by Graham Coe is one of these songs– heartwarming in its intent, and sweet in its execution. Keep reading to read what I think of this song, and why I think you, dear reader, need to give this song a listen.

From the word go, there are interesting things going on that I hear. There is nuance to the instrumentation, there is harmony in Graham’s singing, and there is a sweet flair that possesses the song– and consequentially– the listener– completely. It’s an intricate labyrinth of small things that add up, really– and that is what makes this instrumental so perfect, almost as if to ready the stage for the passionate vocals that compliment it.

About the vocals– I’d venture to say that this kind of versatile, smooth voice was made for a genre like this, for a song like this. They sound perfect for this song, and I was left thoroughly impressed at both the singing, as well as the harmonies and the variation Graham displays throughout the song– from the subtle choir voices in the background, to the majestic refrain that Graham sings.

The mix is done well, with warmth and character— accentuating the soft hearted nature of this song. There is good balance going on in the mix, with enough space for all the instruments— making this a joyful and pleasant listen.

All in all, I think “Since You Came Along” by Graham Coe makes for a solid listen through and through. Check the song out here!

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