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Shannon Hurley - Happiness | Fresh
Shannon Hurley - Happiness | Fresh

Shannon Hurley – Happiness | Fresh

Shannon Hurley is a singer, songwriter, and keyboard player from the U.S. who is known for her exquisite musical taste and authentic numbers. She has portrayed her ingenuity through every of her song and is loved by her fans for being an unconventional artist. Her recent release is an album called Happiness which is something fresh and unique.

Happiness is a short album that features some exquisite numbers. Each of the tracks has a unique taste and vibe and offers a unique experience to its listeners. 

Their are complex emotions and feelings that are given colour through each melody and tune. This album is not just about Happiness per say, but also speaks abundantly of experiences, colors, emotions, and underlying tendencies that are sometime too miniscule to be given any heed to, but they are the ones that matter the most. Tha album features songs of various moods. Some would hit home and some would remind you of a time when things were hard, or would make you dream of a foreign land. Each song opens a new possibility for the listener to step into and explore. You would be in awe of the way the album progresses and matures into something commendable and worth remembering, like a day well spent that gets forever etche in your memory. The song Lorraine, Lorraine, is a song that stayed with me the most. Authentic and exuberant motifs shine bright in this track and make you come alive in an amazing way. You would fall in love with many things because the album has so much to offer. 

Great thing about these tracks is that they have a perfect balance of good lyrics, outstanding soundscapes, and amazing vocals. It’s not one element over the other. A fine blend of impeccable nuances and motifs, make this album a vibrant mix of beautiful tones. 

While listening to the album make sure that you delve into the tracks with a free mind and explore all that it has to offer. The songs offer a wide scope for discovery and exploration and a music lover would love to delve into their magic.

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