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Filip Dahl – Walking Towards Eternity | Ecstasy

Filip Dahl is a Norwegian composer and a multi-instrumentalist who started his music career as lead guitarist. He used to play guitar in numerous Norwegian rock bands during the 70’s where he gained his knowledge for music before becoming a recognized engineer and record producer. He took a voluntary break from the music scene during the beginning of the 20th century. He is making a comeback as a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. His current projects are completely produced, written and engineered by none other than himself. He has by far released 3 albums which are all supreme pieces of art. All his three albums beautifully range from some amazing progressive rock to harmonic rock which is hard to find these days.

He recently released his latest album named ‘Storyteller’ which is a musical masterpiece full of surprises. Each of the tracks have a unique ring to it. The track that caught mys special attention was ‘Walking Towards Eternity’ which is an instrumental with heart felt guitar riffs and syncopated drums that will blow your mind away. This is one of the best examples of how hypnotic and soothing electric guitars can be. Stirring up several intense melodies into the track, Filip Dahl found a way to seep into the listener’s minds and convey all his deep thoughts just through music. This is surely one of the most powerful instrumental tracks that I’ve come across in a while. The power of music can clearly be felt through this track.

Do give this track a listen if you enjoy deep musicality spun into a track. Listen to ‘Walking Towards Eternity’-

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