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L3o - Don't Give a fuck
L3o - Don't Give a fuck
Don't Give a fuck cover art

Caution on the Miami beaches as L3o brings Lyrical Tsunami with his latest track “Don’t Give a Fuck”

Alex Leon, also known as L3o is an artist who was originally from Miami, Florida, is a hip-hop/Rap artist who is known for his innovations. Each of his tracks features some uniqueness which makes him super special. This is an artist who knows how to create a vibe that is everlasting and ecstatic. His discography packs a vivid range of experimental tracks that will take you to a whole new level. I was thrilled to discover such an amazing artist who brings something new to the table every single time. You should surely give this distinctive artist a go if you’re into experimental music that is hard-hitting.

I recently came across L3o through one of his releases which is named ‘Don’t Give a Fuck’ which is one of his best works yet. The track packs some inventive flows intertwined with exquisite lyricism. Being a rapper myself, I was truly intrigued by this artist’s unique way of delivery and the way he spat the lyrics. Each word felt like a dagger that dug deep through the skin. The melodies complement the vibe of the track like Eminem’s vocals complement Dr. Dre’s beats. The lyrics are sure to seep into your heart and leave an impression. This track surely is something way ahead of its time. My favorite part of the track was the experimental outro which seemed like a perfect end to this amazing track. This track is a perfect find for anyone who appreciates good lyricism and craves something unique and different from the crowd.

You can catch a little glimpse of the track by L3o down here-

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