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Ceyeo – Summer Love | Innovative Mix

Ceyeo is a Chicago-based artist who skillfully combines rock, conscious hip-hop and R&B to create immaculate music with an accessible alternative feel that engulfs rock and pop worlds. His discography is colorful bliss of musicality and deep lyricism. He has released a total of 5 singles which glue you to the seat till you’ve memorized each line by heart. His compositions fuse the best of the 2 worlds with a pinch of passion and love. His song ‘Broken’ is one of my personal favorites and has been on my personal playlist since the day I discovered this artist.

His latest release is ‘Summer Love’ which is a bliss of joy. The song is full of some innovative musical elements fused with perfection. The way Ceyeo intertwines compassion into his lyrics is remarkable. The vocals are crystal clear and induce just the perfect vibe for the song. The lyrics are carefully chosen to make this song one of his best works yet. The music is mesmerizing and engulfs you in a bubble of joy. The song is bound to make you groove . The song goes in perfect waves giving you the perfect summertime vibe. This is a song you will surely play on a summer day drinking chilled beer with the ones you love and cherish. The drum rolls are innovative and the perfect selection of musical elements make this song one of the best chill, laidback song I’ve listened to in a while. This is a must listen if you like chill trap songs fused with rock and alt pop.

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