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Jodi Summer – Seasons of Summer | Soothing

Jodi Summer is a bad-ass young drag queen, singer, and songwriter who hails from the great divine and is presently based in Brighton, United Kingdom. Electro- and synth-pop with additional acoustic instrumentation is Jodi’s preferred sound. She seeks for her music to have a distinctive impact on the listeners’ emotions by utilizing the contemporary sound of synthesizers while still applying the acoustic sounds of pianos, guitars, strings, and more, as well as by keeping their vocals variable between delicate whispers and proud belts. The most inspirational musicians for Jodi in terms of both sound and lyrical quality and style would be proud members of the LGBT community as well as fierce women in the industry such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Troye Sivan. Whether you agree with her or not, you’ve got to admire her commitment.

‘Seasons of Summer,’ Jodi’s new album, is a beautiful work consisting of three tracks. The first, ‘Lap,’ is an immediately pleasant song that feels like a breath of fresh air. Jodi’s voice opens the song, accompanied by some amazing guitar work and subtle bass that help to establish a strong sense of momentum. The sudden burst of music that comes in halfway through really elevates the track and makes it even more enjoyable. The chorus and ambient voice are so professional that you would start singing along by the end of the song. It is a carefree track with a very positive vibe. When you listen to the song, it’s easy to imagine yourself strolling through a sunflower field on a beautiful day. The music is refreshing and uplifting, despite the lyrics being about a young love that didn’t work out. A feel-good song that is worth a listen.

The next track of Jodi’s album is ‘Nerd.’ The gloomy tinge of the song here and there is a perfect match for the lyrics. It has beautiful vocals and a nostalgic feel in the chorus. I really loved the musical arrangements in the song. You might as well be reading Jodi’s personal journal about a crush she just can’t get over because the song is another one-sided love story.

The album’s final song, ‘Curtain Call’, is an intense and beautiful melody. Jodi’s vocals are simply stunning, and the minimal musical accompaniment allows her emotion-filled voice to really shine. This is a gorgeous song and a fitting end to an excellent album. She has such a beautiful voice and she really knows how to use it. She hits all the right notes and her voice is so clear and powerful.

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