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Descendent-Outta My Face
Descendent-Outta My Face
Descendent-Outta My Face

Descendent-Outta My Face | No obstacle too big

Lyrically poignant artists tend to incite more thought in the listener’s mind. A few have had the genuine ability to do it over the several decades hip-hop has become a juggernaut force in the music we listen to. The zeitgeist has shifted, it is a warmer, mellower approach now. Social commentary and truth is wielded by a few that take pride in the beauty of this genre. Descendent does precisely that with Outta My Face.

To be frank, there are no surprises in terms of beats for this particular track. It is a mellow, catchy beat that allows the MC to shine. Descendent knocks his verses out of the park, and he doesn’t have time for the lies to cloud his mojo. Outta My Face creates a force field of sorts, with the chorus repeating this line. Sounding a lot like the delivery of Kendrick Lamar’s HUMBLE by chorus, Descendent reveres a master with his ode and composition. There are similarities and a tip of the hat to lyrical spearheads of the genre, and Descendent aims to have his marker on the same wall.

This 2021 single was featured in his album the same year, Mentally Drained. With an honest, cutting teeth approach to writing, Descendent aims to have the words do the talking, ironically. This track is one of many well composed hits from the album, and I’m sure fans and supporters are waiting for the 2022 release. This is an artist that is not afraid to create a new boundary with his sound, and his lyrics aid him to do so. A revolution is coming with his help.

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