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Jozie Ramone-Entei | Pierce the veil

What is it to dive inside the mind of a creative? It is a complex question, and fortunately one we don’t have to answer. Jozie Ramone is one such creative that gives us a good look inside his thoughts. A guitarist, producer and singer, he’s constantly innovating what his sound might and will be. This is his latest single, Entei.

Entei chooses to merge a popular pop sound with the goodness of instrumental proficiency. Not to brag, but to make a catchy enough hook that would loop through the song. With rich, enticing lyrics and a smooth flow ensured by his commitment to lyricism and innovation, we get a simple, chill summer tune. It is something you’d look to Shazam hearing it in a club, it’s a track you can hear anytime and in any mood.

This isn’t Jozie Ramone on his first rodeo. He’s had catchy, interesting tracks all through 2021,starting way back in 2018. He’s constantly at work, this is his therapy and outer image as well. Jozie Tape and Lord Jozie have made quite the ripples in soundscape development if you give these tracks a chance. Whether you like the tracks or not, you have to admire a man chasing his dream.

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