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Georgia Weber and the Sleeved Hearts return with a classic ‘Kintsugi’ 
Georgia Weber and the Sleeved Hearts return with a classic ‘Kintsugi’ 

Georgia Weber and the Sleeved Hearts return with a classic ‘Kintsugi’ 

Georgia Weber and the Sleeved Hearts is a musical endeavour of Georgia and three amazingly talented musicians who together create magic. Their music is a mix of pop punk and indie rock. There is something for everyone, but the rock geeks who love retro music will be especially obsessed with their music.

Their recent release is a song called ‘Kintsugi’, a retro classic with muffled soundscapes, and generally laid-back music. A soul-stirring song, ‘Kintsugi’ is sure to instil a sense of calm in the air around you. With a lot of ingenuity, the artists have nailed each and everything in the song. Be it Georgia’s luscious sultry vocals or the exceptional instrumentality that lures you into listening to the track multiple times. With heavy retro undertones, the song feels straight from the 80’s. You would be hooked to the slow and gentle pace of the track that in itself adds so much to the soulful vibe of the song. The lyrics on the other hand are also quite cool. However, with unignorable depth in the lyrics, they will come off as poignant at places too. Someone who loves decent songwriting will find this song to be exceptionally satisfying and worthwhile. 

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With amazing, soulful soundscapes, sultry vocals that have magic of their own, amazing lyrics, and a gentle pace, there is no reason why you shouldn’t listen to this song. 

Listen to this song right here: 

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