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Noralyn – Slow Thinker | Silver Linings

Brisbane-based alternative-pop singer and pianist, Noralyn, is back with a dynamic nine-track album titled ‘Slow Thinker’. Known for her expressive vocal technique and captivating piano melodies, the artist shares emotional and relatable stories through her skilful songwriting in these tracks.

Slow Thinker Album Tracklist

The 34-minute long album begins with One of the Fewa track with hopeful melodies and serene vocals. She sings about how she’s a ‘mystery’ and how only a few people are privy to her true self, accompanied mostly by a masterful piano piece. “You should know I’m quite impossible, and if I let you close, you’re one of the few..”

Education tells a story about how one needs to learn from their mistakes and come out stronger after an introspective journey. It’s hard not to fall in love with her powerful vocals paired with the energetic instrumentation in the chorus, which creates an entirely somewhat different atmosphere from the previous song.

Noralyn’s ability to tell a story through her emotive singing can be best appreciated on Hot Blood. The instrumentation evolves as the track advances and supports the vocals gracefully. This song is about being in control of your feelings and not getting too ill-tempered because of the consequences that might follow. “You can hold your temper, you can hold your tongue, it must be the danger of your hot blood.”

Three tracks in, and I must say, the classical influence in Noralyn’s piano playing is just splendid. Girls & Boys is a playful track with strong vocals and a magnificent string section. With effective transitions in between the verses, the track takes a different colour as it progresses and ends with a bang!

An acoustic guitar melody introduces Full Human along with a melancholic piano. Her conversational vocal delivery highlights the intricate lyricism on this track where she talks about being a complete human that experiences and feels just as any other person might. Its top-notch production coupled with elaborately written lyrics makes this track quite appealing.

Terrestrial has a slow-ballad feel and is played with a waltz-like rhythm that creates a magical vibe that’s both hopeful and uplifting. Additionally, a strong instrumental bridge section accentuates the impact of the outro chorus; try closing your eyes, and let Noralyn take you on a magical journey with this track!

Effortless singing, delicate piano melodies and soft strings create a warm ambience on Fiction Borders. As the track progresses, layers of vocal harmony are introduced along with energetic drums and ends on a high note. The song is about being true to oneself, knowing when to stop believing everything that the world often tells us to.

Glory begins with a magnificent piano intro that supports Noralyn’s elegant vocals from the start, creating an atmosphere of nostalgia. She flawlessly hits both high and low notes on this track that features a mesmerising chorus and compelling instrumentals.

‘Slow Thinker’ ends with an aptly named instrumental track titled, Postlude. Vocal ornaments paired with a lush string section complement the piano melodies extravagantly. A heartwarming end to an amazing album.


Noralyn released her first single in 2015 and has come a long way since then. Each of the nine tracks on her debut album reflects her experience as a classically trained pianist and songwriter. Her angelic vocals along with her professional piano compositions shine through on every song. Taking inspiration from artists such as Kate Bush and Tori Amos, it seems Noralyn has discovered her signature sound on this album that takes the listener on a journey of beauty and wonder.

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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