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Robbie Rapids – April’s Gonna Rain | Rock Warp

Robbie Rapids is an Atlanta, GA-based singer/guitarist who breathes life into his tracks through his innovative melodies. Robbie Rapids has his own style of music which can be best described as Jangly Power Pop Rock. Derving inspirations from the likes of David Bowie, The Who, Tom Petty, Oasis, Stone Temple Pilots, etc., Robbie has found a way to make it his own genre. His hard work and determination can clearly be seen in his tracks.

Robbie Rapids recently released his latest single called ‘April’s Gonna Rain’ which is one of the best pop rock tracks I’ve heard in a while. This certainly is a banger which will surely have you banging your head throughout the track. The distorted electric guitars are ecstatic and will take you a plane higher than ours for sure. The vocals are smooth yet beautifully compliment the heavily distorted electric guitars. The melodies are bewitching and will form a hold on your mind. The Chorus is addictively catchy which will keep playing on repeat in your head. The track will surely leave you begging for more.

We had a chance to have a little chat with Robbie Rapids and this is how it went-

Q.-I could sense some influences from Oasis and Stone Temple Pilots in your music. Which artist or band influences your music the most? 

A.-There have really been too many influencers to name.   Bands and Artists that have a vocalist in my range are songs I covered and learned the most and in some way have shaped my songwriting. 

Q.- ‘April’s Gonna Rain’ is a track that mesmerizes the mind and soul. What was your inspiration for the song?   

A.-A women named April had expressed emotional issues and fears about getting married.  She was a coworker I spent lots of time with at work.  She was very flirty and I wanted to ask her out but she was already engaged.

Q.- The track ‘April’s Gonna Rain’ seems to tell a story. What is the story behind this track? 

A.-April the name morphed into the month of April in the lyrics.   It symbolizes how emotions like weather can change from one minute to the next.   From Sunny day to thunderstorms.  In my own mind I seem to visualize her spinning around on top of the work picnic table in a trance.  Maybe a modern superhero version of a Native American rain dance.  When April has had more issues then she can deal with, she has command of the clouds, wind, and storms and makes it rain.  Also in the bridge of the song, ”if it don’t rain in her life, the flowers won’t bloom in her life”.  She needs to cry and let it out, just like flowers need rain for survival.

Q.- The passion for music is clearly visible in your tracks. What fuels your hunger for the same? 

A.-Music is how I express myself the best emotionally.  Once I’ve finished the lyrics into a song, I feel like it’s alive.    I owe it to the song to do the best in recording and performance to give it a chance to be heard by the world.   I’ve also learned people don’t really understand the songs like I do.  So I rework lyrics until they are more understandable to others and make music videos to support the messages.

Q.- What do you think makes this track stand apart from contemporary music? 

A.-I’m doing everything that is best and unique for the song, not trying to fit a particular style, genre, trend.   It’s hard to name the style of music this song is as it’s a dark, funky, dissonant, yet full of rock.

Q.- What’s your favourite part of the track and what’s the story behind it? 

A.-The guitar solo.  I brought my line 6 auto wah pedal over to David’s studio and he used it on the guitar solo.  At times it sounds like a talk box and I think I hear him say “jib jib Jow” at the end.  I think the song pulled him into a trance and he said April’s Gonna rain in tongues. 

Listen to ‘April’s Gonna Rain’ by Robbie Rapids-

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