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Joe Sneva & Kyle Findley-Meier – Dreams | Bliss of joy

Joe Sneva is a singer/songwriter who spins tracks that touch hearts of the masses through beautiful melodies and vocals the touches the heart. He is based in Conway, Washington which is located 50 miles north of Seattle who strongly portrays his roots through his heart-warming tracks.

Joe Sneva grew up on a farm as the youngest of six children. He found his love for music at a young age, he kindled his fire and turned into the amazing artist that we all love and admire. His discography is full of tracks that will calm your heart while uplifting your mind, body and soul. This is surely an artist who’s discography can become an individual playlist in itself.

I recently discovered this amazing artist through his latest release which is named ‘Dreams’ and as the name suggests, the track seems like something pulled straight out of a dream. The track starts off with some soothing guitar picks that will surely melt your heart. The track takes me to a whole different realm of reality where everything is slow and soothing. The track is full of soothing elements which can even calm a reckless mind. The melodies are intricate and so heartfelt that it will make your heart groove with the beats. This is surely a track that is going up on my personal playlist. The way this artist creates a vibe so subtle is mesmerizing.

This is surely a must-listen if you enjoy soothing tracks with ecstatic vocals. You can catch a little glimpse of ‘Dreams’ here-

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