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Jaye R – Click Too Lit | Hammer flow

Jaye R is an artist who doesn’t only rap but is also a Producer and a Fashion designer who is known for his heavy flows that go deep. This is an artist who makes music that is so good that you will be playing him on repeat for sure. Jaye makes it look so easy with his heavy, hammer flow that thumps with massive impact. His music is often produced by himself that gives his track a certain ring that only happens when a person brings his lyrics to life through his own tunes. This artist’s discography of 17 tracks surely is a neck-breaker for the head bangers.

I recently came across this amazing rapper through his latest release which is one of his best works yet! The track is surely a masterpiece! The track has a melody that completely complements the vibe of the track. The hook is addictive and hooks on to the tongue right off the bat. The way the track is structured is just amazing. The drums are programmed to perfection to incur the maximum impact. The lyrics are great and intricate. Flows of the track are innovative and something fresh out of the oven. This is surely a track that can hype up a huge crowd and make them go nuts. This is for sure a mosh-track. Do give this track a go! You will be amazed to find out such an amazing track. Do give this track a go.

Catch a little glimpse of the track Click Too Lit by Jaye R here –

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