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Reue – Enamor | Electronic Thrill

Ethan Reue is an Austin-based EDM artist who has been pushing the boundaries of the genre like no other and has established himself as a well-known and loved artist. His unique electronic styles and interestingly authentic ways of blending sounds and creating sound motifs is what has garnered him such recognition, making him incredible. 

Reue recently released a pompous and power-packed, yet moderately upbeat and energetic track that is perfect for dance nights, club dates, thrilling adventures, and workout sessions. Your love for EDM will reach new heights when you listen to this track which is filled with many interesting and invigorating soundscapes, perfect to give you that much-needed oomph on the weekend. While many EDM tracks can sound cliche and can have repetitive sounds and musicality, this particular track has a lot of nuanced elements, that may go unnoticed, but make this track a great and authentic one. One thing that makes this track a hit is its great progression. The song maintains moderate energy in the beginning but goes on to build the energy and become more intense midway. The song progresses in a rather interesting way. Mild at first, energetic and thrilling in the middle, and fades down towards the end, making it perfect. 

The song has been produced in a splendid way and one can tell the great quality of production just by listening to it for the first time. Creative elements, interesting progression, moderate upbeatness, and amazing vibes, make this EDM number a must-listen!

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