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Aggressive Soccer Moms - That’s How I Feel | Slow Burn
Aggressive Soccer Moms - That’s How I Feel | Slow Burn

Aggressive Soccer Moms – That’s How I Feel | Slow Burn

Aggressive Soccer Moms is a Lo-Fi Post Punk duo from Sweden who together create music inspired by the punk of the late seventies. Their out-of-the-box approach toward music is marked by their interesting styles. 

The recent release of Aggressive Soccer Moms is a song called That’s How I Feel, an interesting song exploring various themes. From the very beginning of the track you are in awe of the way the song just unravels as soon as it starts, and from thereon it is a journey worth witnessing. The song grows and expands into something really enjoyable as it progresses and also bombards you with loads of deep and sinister elements that perfectly complement the thrilling, slow-burn vibes of the track. The peculiarity of the sounds and the almost mysterious vibe make this song really enjoyable and fun to delve into. 

If you are someone who loved deep and intricate music that gets better with every listen, then this is a song for you. With deep and metaphorical lyrics, that become clearer with every listen, you realize that the song sounds so much better when you get the meaning right. 

When it comes to the production of the track, it is really fresh and rare and its quirky character enhances the effect of the song manyfold. You would want to listen to this track, again and again, to fully unravel its magic and enjoy it to its full potential. 

It is a song that shouldn’t be missed! 

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