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Kingdom Calm-Relativity
Kingdom Calm-Relativity
Kingdom Calm-Relativity

Kingdom Calm-Relativity | A classy affair

Kingdom Calm can be described as that one moment in Master Chef. The moment where the amateur has had a fusion of palates to create something unique. That suspense and the apparent surprise and enjoyment of tasting something fresh and innovative. This is their latest single, Relativity.

With a swinging beat and rhythm, this leans on a surf rock/ indie pop rock sound. The composition is wide open, allowing different instrumental moments to ornament the song. The flourishes with the keys and guitars are syncopated to different rhythms, adding a whole new textural dimension to the song. The vocals and lyrics edge on the self-realised and metaphysical- an arrhythmic combination that fits in with the flow like currents in water.

This is a canvas with an abstract theory, but very much creates its own shape and form. This is the highlight, the USP if I may add, of Kingdom Calm. Their songs don’t try too hard, but they don’t neglect the umpteen possibilities when a track has a plethora of experiences to offer. Their singles Follow the Leader & Time on My Hands share similar traits, while bouncing off different energies. Get really excited for Kingdom Calm.

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