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Robbie Rapids – Rock Ain’t Dead
Robbie Rapids – Rock Ain’t Dead

Robbie Rapids – Rock Ain’t Dead | Rock Immortal Immo

Grand Rapids, Michigan rock musician Robbie Rapids has released his latest song Rock Ain’t Dead marking a message. A follower of glam rock and hair metal, with Robbie Rapids we get some ever fresh 80s rock energy from this song. While we know for a fact that rock isn’t dying anytime soon, with the genre being ever thriving than ever, Robbie Rapids sure makes a statement reinforcing that.

The guitars that drone throughout ‘Rock Ain’t Dead‘ bring a bit of rock sentimentality that mixes hints of late 80s and mid 90s rock. A hard rock quaver to the sonic template, and the drums move with a heavier energy. A catchy song, it addresses the most awesome aspects of classic rock while infusing new life into it. Combining rock tones of ‘Rock Ain’t Dead‘, Robbie honors his childhood. While some of the classic rock energy continues to exist we still want more of it to come back into prominence.

This tune is a magnificent exchange between weighty rock drums and blazing guitars. A bit of glitz is added through the vocals as he interfaces with an affection for old rock. Arrangements sound fresh and the riffs are designed with groove in mind. The verses maintain the pace of the song. There is a great embroidery of chaotic goodness. Guitars then again sound extremely raw and powerful. The tones are forthright and the measures of gain are precisely focused. Performance is likewise melodic and moves effectively and the solo is blazing and fiery. Rock Ain’t Dead is an immortal ode to the immortal genre.

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