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1st Base Runner – Planter
1st Base Runner – Planter

1st Base Runner – Planter | Apocalyptic Vision

Planter is the latest release by 1st Base Runner, the alternative project by Texas multi-instrumentalist and producer Tim Husmann. An Austin native, Husmann returned after a break of seven years with Seven Years of Silence and Ellis. Prior to that he used to play drums, synths, and arrange electronic live setups. Now he has evolved his signature sound with theatrical rhythms, guitars, bass, and synthwork that mesmerizes. Planter is the final track from 1st Base Runner’s third EP, Light Roars.

1st Base Runner threads through genres like shoe-gaze, 80s dark wave, and alternative rock music. Planter has a prominent bassline forming the skeleton around which the song revolves. His use of analog synths manages to create an organic raw yet innovative sound. With a doomie vibe, ghostly and foreboding, the sharp vocals of 1st Base Runner permeate the verses with ominous tones. Pristine, pulsating rhythms, and the pounding bass spin a profound reverberation while pulsing synths ooze spooky waves of sound emphasized by brilliant wheeping tones.

Dreadful feelings that loan a foreboding energy to the verses, giving a percussion that appears to be light yet thick and profound. In view of the throbbing bass line and throbbing sines that show spooky waves of sound, a monochromatic sonic painting is created. 1st Base Runner Manages to represent and seek neatly the entrancing human energies with Planter. A great song that delivers a haunting arrangement and melody. Coupled with a highly contrasting monochromatic video where Tim blurs the line between reality and illusion with a hallucinogenic energy, Planter is a song to reckon with.

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