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Rokita - Cranial Euphoria
Rokita - Cranial Euphoria

Rokita Floats Feel-Good Melodies with His New Release, Cranial Euphoria

Christopher Rokita is a musical visionary, journeying across genres to find the perfect blend that projects the emotion in his heart, and in the case of his latest release, his mind. Cranial Euphoria is Rokita ‘s most recent concoction, released in late February. Combining melodic rock elements with soft pop and leaves of classical music, he depicts euphoria, wholesomely. With bursts of sonic and rhythmic vocal narrations, he brings the concept to the forefront. 

The track is tuned to a slow rise, with each second loaded with happy feelings. There is not one moment of lethargy. Each line of melody, be it guitar, synths, or violins, become enterprises that drive us to the liberating heights of euphoria. 

Opening with luminous acoustics, the song makes its first ascent on the molten tendril of the electric guitar. Which is then fleshed out by the histrionic tenderness of the violin. Ricocheting riffs form patterned floors, powered by the beats and powering the vocals. The composition is built with intention, with all its elements moving to the center, contributing to the increasing strength of one emotion – euphoria. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Cranial Euphoria by Rokita here – 

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