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Moon and Aries – Break The Matrix(Episode Two)

Moon and Aries is a magical duo of a German composer & producer, Tom Aries and a Canadian singer/songwriter, Jordana Moon. They are known for their distinctive sound and their innovative approach towards their music. The way they spin tracks to create music that touches hearts. Their way to create music surely has something characteristic in terms of both musicality and lyricism. Their tracks will make you feel weightless and carry you to a whole different dimension. Their discography is a rich portrayal of 3 EPs, a Single and an Album which is so beautiful that you will fall in love with this amazing duo.

They made their debut in February 2022 with their album “The Arrival’ which is one of the best debut album I have ever come across. They are slowly taking over the scene with their innovations. I came across this ecstatic duo through their latest EP which is named ‘Break The Matrix’. The EP is so amazing that you will find yourself begging for more towards the end of the EP.

Their latest EP is named Break The Matrix (Episode Two) which is a successor of their previous EP, Break The Matrix (Episode One). The EP is beautifully structured and also features my favorite work by Moon and Aries yet. The EP is 3 tracks long and was released on 3rd November. The track has altogether amassed 65k+ streams in just 6 days. Their music is spreading like wild fire and ain’t nothing stopping them.

The EP starts off with the track Codes and Circles which is surely one of their best works yet! The track showcases some amazing melodies spun with deep vocals that will make your heart melt. The music is beautifully structured and uses some elements that are perfectly curated to create the intended vibe. This is a masterpiece that needs to be kept alive for ages to come and passed on through generations to come.

The second track on the EP is named The Butterfly Effect, this is one of those tracks that can put you in a trip. The way this track is composed makes me weak in the knees. This is surely one of those highly recommended tracks that I encourage everyone to listen to. The subtle use of melodies to create an aura that is everlasting is just spell-binding. Their charismatic approach towards music is what makes their tracks stand out of the crowd.

The last track on this EP is Rescued which is my personal favorite and a musical masterpiece. These artists have surely made a place for themselves in my heart. Their soothing yet impactful musical ride makes me fall deeper into their enchantment. Their hypnotic musical abilities makes me wanna see them performing live. Hope that day isn’t too far away.

Do give this amazing duo a go and trust me you will find yourself a Moon and Aries fan by the end of this EP! This is surely the kind of music that anyone would love to listen to. These tracks are so good that 2 of them have already gone up my personal playlist.

You can catch a little glimpse of the EP here-

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