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Ordinary // Colours – Pacific Division

Ordinary // Colours is a Toronto based singer-songwriter who’s given name is Justin Chee. He is deeply admired for the smooth intertwining of folk, shoegaze and ambient overtones complimented by deep heartfelt vocals. He started his musical journey at very young age and has been chiseling his craft for a very long time.

Ordinary // Colours has recently released his latest single ‘Pacific Division’ which is a bliss of mixed feelings. track is full of surprising musical elements which will surely make your heart skip several beats. The artist goes completely opposite of his name showing Vibrant Colours throw-out the track which portrays his versatility.

The track ‘Pacific Division’ will surely fill your heart with joy. The soothing music beautifully embraces the deeply programmed vocals. The drums are innovative and create a whole different aura elevating the listener’s senses. The melodies feel like a breeze on a spring evening. The bells fits into the track just like a missing jigsaw puzzle making it a whole. The innovative use of vocals will literally blow your mind. I was amused to see such intricate use of musicality.

This is a track that every music lover should listen to. This surely isn’t something to be missed out on. This track can easily take the number one spot on my weekend’s morning playlist. The track is something that has been on my mind ever since I herd it for the first time.

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