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Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L – B4

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L is becoming the epicenter of the earthquake with his dark strain of Hip-Hop. Breon found his artistic knack through the poetry he did as a teenager, he became drawn to performance and began working jobs to pay for his singing lessons. He is known for his smooth flows and mellower tones, often accompanied by trap beats and minimalistic melodies. His songwriting depth is projected beautifully through his discography which dive deep into emotions which are otherwise really hard to put into words. Getting caught in a drag race accident shed light on his goals and he started focusing more on his music, his hard work and determination can clearly be seen through his music. Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L has received support from publications such as Plastic Magazine, Wordplay and Flex with 2022 looking to be Breon’s most fruitful year yet.

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L. has released an album after a long wait of 10 singles and 3 EP’s which was totally worth the wait. The album projects diverse musicality and some really strong lyricism. The songs are innovative and the flows are fresh as bread out of the oven. Each song is a feast for the new-wave hip-hop lovers.

Track One- ‘Casket’ is the intro of the album and perfectly sets the mood for what is yet to come. This is one of the best ways to start the album and Breon has executed it beautifully. The lyrics are deep and knock right away. This exactly what is expected from a ripen artist like Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L.

Track Two- ‘Mr. Bright Eyes’, This might just be one of the most powerful songs of the album. The deep lyricism and hypnotic music takes this song to an another level. The song is even melodically very impressive. The music clicks right from the beginning and doesn’t let you down till the end.

Track Three- ‘Taurus’ is a track that I enjoyed the most. This track is highly relatable. Each line feels like they are taken out right out of some holy book. The flows are tight and goes in perfect sync with the music. The drum rolls are magical and will surely put you in a trance. The featured arti, Michael Christmas also overpowers the beat complimenting the song.

Track Four- ‘Protocol’ is a track which is bouncy and full of innovations. The song is a perfect example of the artist’s versatility. The way this track glues you to the seat is amazing. This is one of the highest potential songs on the album.

Track Five- ‘In My Shoes’ is a track which is beautifully produced and executed. The composition of the track is skillfully structured to hit just the right spots. The chorus is addictive and the lyrics are surreal. This is a must-listen from the album. ‘HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Track Six- ‘T.D.I.M.’ This is my personal favorite tracks from the album. I crave for such chopper flows and on point lyrics and this track is a perfect example of both. This has a feature from Kodie Shane which is one of the most bold and expressive artists out there.

Track Seven- ‘K.O.H.’ is the second last track of the album and perfectly sets the mood for the outro of the album. The hi-hat rolls had me hooked throughout the track. The way this artist has played with autotune in a mellow way is mind blowing.

Track Eight-‘B.E.C. (BaconEggandCheese)’ is the last track of the album and a perfect way to conclude this masterpiece. This is some new wave stuff packed with razor sharp bars.

The album is a must listen for anyone who likes rap and appreciate good hip-hop music. Listen to ‘B4’-

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