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Megaciph – Chakras 2.0

Megaciph is the abbreviation for Mental Energies Gather And Circulate In Positive Harmony which is one of the best artist names I’ve come across in a while. He is known for his ecstatic flows that are blended with tasteful lyrics that dig deep into emotions. He surely is a mastermind when it comes to concepts which is clearly visible in his discography of six singles and seven albums that are all very conceptually sound. Do give this artist a go and you will surely love the way he spins music.

I recently came across this amazing artist through his latest release which is an album named Chakras 2.0 which is the succession of his last album Chakras. There are a total of 8 tracks which are all the second level of Chakras. Chakras was an instrumental album which is filled in with vocals in Chakra 2.0.

The first track on this album is Red 2.0 which is the intro to the album. The track sets the vibe for the album and packs some really powerful melodies. There are some great flows in this track tat is spun into a perfect mesh with the lyrics that are deep. I am amazed to share this amazing experience with you.

Red 2.0 is followed by the track Orange 2.0 and Yellow 2.0 which are both heartfelt tracks packing some really deep messages that can surely make this world a better place. The way he delivers such powerful messages with the equal impact is what makes his tracks so great!

Megaciph took us all on a ride with this album and the next track up on the album is Green 2.0 which is one of my personal favorite. I really dig such deep tracks that are immersive. I was amused by the way the track was carried with the vocals and the melodies.

The next two tracks are Blue 2.0 and Indigo 2.0 which are both great in terms of both musicality and lyricism. This is an artist who will paint vivid pictures with his lyrics and delivery! You will surely love going trough this amazing piece of art.

Violet 2.0 is the next track on the album which is one of the most impactful tracks on the list. I personally think this track can move the masses and start a revolution. I really love when people make music with a purpose and this artist is surely one of them!

The last track on the album is One Of These Ol Days. This is the outro of the album and is surely one of the best conclusions of this decade. This track is tastefully placed in the end to give the perfect ending to an album so good.

This album is one of the best of this decade that I came across for sure. The tracks when seen from below are the colors of the rainbow. This is an amazing album with some great tracks. Do give this album a spin if you like to hear music that bangs and lyrics that pierces through the skin.

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