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Zoë Zohar - Lazy Sun
Zoë Zohar - Lazy Sun

Zoë Zohar – Lazy Sun | Soothing

Zoë Zohar is an Alternative Pop artist based in London, UK. She creates songs that blend nostalgic emotive tones with modern electronic elements, creating a contrasting sound that is both raw and mechanical. Zoë has a rather diverse background which fuels her music. Most of her music is based on how the modern world affects the youth as a whole. With plenty to offer, Zoë Zohar also creates music that feeds her thoughts on her questioning her belonging and escapism.

Her single, Lazy Sun, is a great example of this. With a hollow, empty feeling to start the song on, her voice and harmonies fill up the spaces. As the song progresses each element fits perfectly into its pocket of space. The guitar occupies the initial melody line which is taken over by Zohar’s vocals. The harmonies and countermelodies are intricate and intuitive. Once the percussions kick in, the song floods with emotion. Moreover, Zoë Zohar has a most versatile voice, easily hitting high and low notes alike. The instrumental is so emotional filling you up with all the emotions that went into creating it. It’s the kind of track that you can listen to on your good and bad days too!

Zoë Zohar has loads to offer with a large discography as well. Her voice is one of the most soothing sounds I’ve heard in a while and is perfect to listen to in your indie mixes. You can check out more of her music on most major streaming platforms now.

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